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DOF Logistics is the end-to-end solutions for global trade

Every Milestone. Real-Time Insights. All in One Place

Unlock a complete view of your supply chain. DOF Logistics tracks shipments for end-to-end oversight across multiple forwarders and carriers, all in the DOF Logistics Platform or via integrations.

Replace the hunt for updates with a powerful centralized resource. Get seamless, real-time notifications of milestones and exceptions. Search, filter, and collaborate on urgent cargo in minutes. A broader view informs smarter decisions for fewer downstream impacts.

Unprecedented Visibility and Control in International Shipping

Accelerate performance and growth for your entire supply chain. Ship to and from anywhere. Track ocean freight shipments. Collaborate with everyone. Now you can do it all in one place with DOF Logistics platform.

  • Ocean

    Simplify your supply chain with real-time tracking and inventory planning. Our powerful dashboard and team of dedicated experts can balance speed and cost to meet your needs for FCL, LCL, and more.

  • Air

    When speed is critical, DOF Logistics takes you from order to uplift in no time. Track goods in transit and collaborate in context, all from the DOF Logistics Platform. Free your supply chain from outdated turbulence.

  • Ground

    DOF Logistics trucking solutions carry containers across the yard, country, or border, on the way to warehouses or other transport modes. Track all of it and collaborate with partners in the DOF Logistics Platform.

What Makes Us Different

Our teams of experienced and skilled expert in airfreight ensure fast and reliable solutions in every circumstances. At the peak of planetary COVID-19 crisis, DOF Logistics was able to organize several intercontinental air bridges representing more than 280 chartered flights to meet urgent needs for various industries and governments.


About Us

We have 35+ Years of experiance in Worldwide Logistics Solutions

While we operate in many parts of the world, with different cultures our core value of Integrity remains constant in all our businesses and areas of operation. It is the foundation for our other core values of Safety and High Performance. This means that we operate our businesses honestly and ethically wherever we are. We obey the law. We go beyond to protect our employees and our environment. We leverage our diversity of people and ideas. We treat everyone as we would want to be treated ourselves and we sustain our businesses and the environments where we operate.

Easy On-Boarding to Modern Freight Forwarding

We believe that elevating your logistics starts with improving visibility. Get started with DOF Logistics’s premium freight forwarder software to streamline your supply chain across air, ocean, and land.

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Our Vision

Logistics forms the backbone of global trade and plays a vital role in all aspects of our everyday lives.

With this in mind, our ambition is to make DOF Logistics an undisputed world leading reference in the logistics industry. By doing what we do best, we enable businesses to grow and communities to thrive.

Our customers’ needs and strategic ambition are at the centre of all we do. In an increasingly unpredictable, changeable, complex and paradoxical world, we create value for our customers by consistently delivering exceptional end-to-end supply chain solutions that answer even their most complex needs.

Our Mission

"We support companies of all types and sizes to respond to their complex challenges and to identify growth opportunities for their businesses"

Unlocking value at every step of the supply chain

As logistics experts, we understand that the right, best-fit solutions for ever-evolving supply chains are one of the key enablers to the success of our customers’ business.

Building on a wealth of international expertise, local know-how and with a forward thinking attitude, we pay the utmost attention to creating strong, long-term partnerships with our customers. We stand behind our customers. We support them to meet their supply chain challenges head-on and help them to identify growth opportunities. We look at our customers' evolving supply chain needs and seamlessly design logistics solutions that best fit their needs. We support companies of all types and sizes across different sectors from Automotive, to Consumer & Retail, Energy, Healthcare, Industrial & Aerospace and Technology.