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DOF Logistics Industry Vertical Aerospace strives to reduce complexity of its customers by providing highly customized and reliable solutions whilst reducing risk, costs and providing a seamless transparency.

DOF’s focus on the aerospace industry

The aerospace industry and with it, it’s supply chains is continuously evolving and growing in complexity as a result of aerospace segmentation, shifts in geographic focus, modernization of production and the growing speed-to-market requirements. DOF Logistics focuses its services on oversized parts, helicopters, smaller manufacturers, original equipment manufacturers, as well as niche services.

To address this challenging environment DOF Logistics identifies, develops and deploys customized solutions to meet our clients’ unique needs. DOF Logistics’s well establish airfreight product includes a global charter network that offers a highly competitive and flexible service to even the most demanding customers.

By partnering with DOF Logistics, our customers will benefit from collaboration with our trained staff, our extensive industry knowledge and work processes.