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Customs Broker

Trading in times of rapidly changing, growing uncertainty and complex regulations is always a challenge, especially when you target cost efficiency and time to market.

DOF Logistics’s global Customs Brokerage network and our local compliance-driven structure can make trading easy and support your needs. There is no one size fits all solution for your unique trade activities – that is why we develop customized, compliant-centered trade solutions that respond to your supply chain challenges! As your trusted trade partner with global reach for 120 years, our solutions help you drive profitability, efficiency, and growth while creating cost savings opportunities in full compliance with complex evolving regulations.

A wide scope of strategic, tactical & operational expertise to tackle trade opportunities in full compliance

We deliver peace of mind for our clients by ensuring outstanding compliance and risk mitigation. DOF Logistics minimizes financial risk by ensuring correct payment of duties, providing insights into current procedures, and creating cost savings opportunities. Proactive legal watch, rigorous and systematic compliance audit procedures minimize financial and compliance risk.

Worldwide end-to-end solutions to maximise trade efficiencies

DOF Logistics offers global Customs Brokerage in conjunction with our end-to-end transportation network or as a standalone customs solution regardless of your existing freight forwarder. We design trade solutions that leverage DOF Logistics’s services to maximize your trade efficiencies.

A Customer focused organization to boost your sales development

DOF Logistics prides ourselves on being one of the most customer centric brokers on the market with dedicated customer-focused team. Our staff are routinely trained on Customs compliance and local regulatory updates. Our continuous improvement culture drives productivity, quality and flexibility, while ensuring we deliver responsive, innovative solutions to optimize your trade activities.

Your Customs Broker

As your Customs Broker and Remote Location Filer (RLF) in the United States, we operate five regional customs brokerage execution centers (Laredo, Detroit, Houston, Atlanta, and Los Angeles) this includes northern and southern border entries for imported goods. At DOF Logistics, we can file entries in any port of entry in the United States as well as submitting all types of entries as your Customs Broker, including temporary importations, carnets, warehouse, and foreign trade zone entries and help you understand the relevant rules and regulations for customs clearance. DOF Logistics customs brokerage services operate through an Automated Commercial Environment compliant technology platform and adhere to strict security criteria through its participation in the Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism. At DOF – “pre-clearance” is standard, which is “wheels-up” for air shipments, and five days out from arrival for ocean freight. We also offer 24/7 services.