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Fashion Logistics

The fashion industry has sophisticated and demanding consumers who require multi channel offering, brand experience, personalization and increased product differentiation. This leads to shorter product life and increased need for innovation, flexibility and enhanced order fulfillment certainty.

The major needs in the industry include:

  • Reducing logistics cost
  • Sensing and responding to changes in consumer demand
  • Building sustainability and security into supply chains
  • Managing promotions and new product releases
  • Improving order fulfillment
  • The textile industry needs a strong partner to move the latest collections of labels to shop windows in boutiques or department stores on time. Goods are shipped in containers, planes or by road – we always take the quickest route from the supplier to the destination. You decide whether we should deliver the goods to your store, your warehouse or a trading partner for further processing. If required, we can boost the quality of your textiles, label, bag or repack them. If necessary, we will fit out your sales outlets and handle the initial stocking process too.